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  Knee Braces
    Our knees are susceptible to injuries because they support the entire weight of our bodies. Over time, the structures of the knee may wear down or they can be injured during activity, leading to knee pain and discomfort. Wearing the correct knee brace for your injury is important to ensure that your knee gets the proper support.
 VertaLoc Dynamic Knee Brace
  The VertaLoc Dynamic is designed to stablize and control mild to moderate levels of medial lateral movement. Adjustable hinges allow effortless customizable preferred range of motion. Durable breathable fabric offers increased air flow, comfortable wear and is hand washable. The innovative brace design targets a number of diagnnoses including osteoarthritis.

VertaLoc Dynamic Knee Brace   Available Sizes Circumference
  Small 14" - 17"
  Medium 17" - 20"
  Large 20" - 23"
  X Large 23" - 26"
  2X Large 26" - 28"
  3X Large 28" - 31"
 VertaLoc Max
  The VertaLoc Max, OA is a high quality durable design to comfortably maximize knee support and movement. Easy to use double vertical orthosis is what you need to assist in returning to an active lifestyle. Intended to offer stability and ease pain, this hand washable brace, features a fully adjustable range of movement and rotation control. Targets a number of diagnoses including osteoarthritis, and mild fractures.

VertaLoc Max Knee Brace   Available Sizes Circumference
  Small 15" - 16"
  Medium 17" - 19"
  Large 20" - 21"
  X Large 22" - 23"
  2X Large 24" - 25"
  3X Large 26" - 27"
  4X Large 28" - 30"
 Acceptable Diagnosis
     * Rheumatoid Arthritis
     * Osteoarthritis
     * Chondromalacia of Patella
     * Aseptic Necrosis of Tibia or Fibula

  Ligament Tear Causing Instability
     * Meniscal Cartilage Derangement
     * Knee Ligamentous Disruption

  Neurological Disease Causing Instability
     * Hemiplegia, Unspecified; Dominant Side; Non-dominant Side
     * Infantile Cerebral Palsy, Unspecified
     * Mono-neuritis of Lower Limb, Unspecified
     * Multiple Sclerosis
     * Paraplegia of Both Lower Limbs

  NVarious types of Fractures/Dislocations
     * Aseptic Necrosis of Tibia or Fibula
     * Fracture of Patella
     * Dislocation of Knee
     * Pathologic Fracture of Femur
     * Pathologic Fracture of Tibia or Fibula
     * Stress Fractureof Tibia or Fibula
     * Fracture of Femur - Lower End
     * Fracture of Tibia and/or Fibula - Upper End

     * Sprains and Strains of Knee
     * Rupture of Tendon, Non-traumatic - Quadriceps Tendon

  Congenital Deformity of Knee (Deformity from Birth)

  Failed Total Knee Arthoplastry (Total Joint Replacement)