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By Quantum Medical Supply

Back Brace Covered By Medicare

The TemCare Pro lumbar sacral orthosis immobilizes the spine from the sacrococcygeal junction to the T9 vertebra for optimal comfort and consistent pain relief. This quality crafted lumbar support is constructed out of moisture-wicking material, which draws moisture away from the skin to prevent skin irritation and breakouts. The featured air pump system allows users to adjust compression to their desired level of comfort. Also includes a convenient, removable pouch that is ideal for storing small accessories such as a wallet, keys or mobile phone. The TemCare Pro LSO Back Support is a comfortable treatment option for a wide variety of diagnoses such as:


  * Herniated discs

  * Spondylosis

  * Lower and mid-back pain

  * Post-surgical lumbar stabilization

  * Degenerative Disc Disease

  * Strains



  * Offers a non-invasive alternative to pharmacological treatments to relieve pain and facilitate healing

  * Provides immobilization, postural support, symptom control and injury protection

  * Can be discretely worn underneath clothing

  * Features an air pump which allows users to adjust compression to desired level of comfort

  * Moisture-wicking material pulls moisture away from the skin, preventing skin irritation and breakouts

  * Comes with detachable pouch which is ideal for storing small accessories

Available Sizes            Waist In Inches

  Small                         23" - 28"

  Medium                     29" - 33"

  Large                         34" - 39"

  X Large                      40" - 45"

  2X Large                    46" - 51"

  3X Large                    52" - 56"

  4X Large                    57" - 61"

  5X Large                    62" - 66"

  6X Large                    67" - 71"

  7X Large                    72" - 76"


Who Qualifies?

In order to qualify under Medicare guidelines for a Back Brace, an Rx is required from the Doctor indicating that there is a Medical Necessity for the patient to receive a Back Brace. The diagnosis's include:

Diagnosis                    Description

724.2                           Lumbago

724.0                           Spinal Stenosis

728.87                         Muscle Weakness

756.12                         Spondylolisthesis

722.10                         Lumbar Disc Displacement

721.3                           Lumbosacral Spondylosis

847.2                           Lumbar Strains/Sprain

724.9                           Spinal Disorder

722.52                         Lumbar/Lumbosacral Intervertebral Disc Degeneration

* Co-payments, deductibles and some restrictions apply.

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