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 What Is A Pedorthist?
  • An ABC Certified Pedorthist is a healthcare professional who is specifically educated and trained to manage comprehensive pedorthic patient care. ABC's Certified Pedorthist Scope of Practice document details the specific capacity the certified individual can practice. This includes patient assessment, formulation of a treatment plan, implementation of the treatment plan, follow-up and practice management. An ABC certified pedorthist fits, fabricates, adjusts, or modifies devices which reflect his/her education and training. ABC's Certified Pedorthist credentialing program is accredited by the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE) formerly National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA.)

    The profession of pedorthics is the provision of patient care and services by or under the direction and supervision of an ABC Certified Pedorthist to provide the application of a pedorthic device for the prevention or amelioration of painful and/or disabling conditions of the foot and ankle. A prescription is required for any pedorthic device, modification, and/or prefabricated below the knee orthosis addressing a medical condition that originates at the ankle or below.
  • The examination to become a Certified Pedorthist is a three hour, multiple-choice computer based exam which consists of 165 items designed to measure the candidate's knowledge of pedorthics. The exam tests the candidates on pedorthic assessment, implementation, practice management, ethics and professionalism.

    Once the application has been received, reviewed and approved, all logistical information including a list of sites and an explanation of the test site selection process will be mailed to the registered candidate by the testing service. Once receiving a "candidate status", applicants will choose the date and location for their exam.

    The written examination is held via computer-based testing (CBT). Computer-based testing is a method of administering tests in which the responses are electronically recorded. Computer-based testing makes use of a computer instead of a pen and paper exam..
  • All requirements must be satisfied prior to the application deadline. Individuals who have met the educational and experiential requirements may submit an application for approval as a candidate for certification. Applicants that have been evaluated and deemed to have satisfied all eligibility requirements are assigned a "candidate" status. The candidate is given a 3 year eligibility period in which to take and pass the examination. The candidate is limited to 4 attempts at the exam within their eligibility period. After receiving a candidate status, applicants will choose the date and location for their exam.

    The process for applying:

    1). For first time applicants, please fill out the application form for first-time applicants. For those candidates who need to retake an examination, please register for the exam using the exam retake registration form.

    2). Enclose the required documentation with your completed application:

    a). A copy of your high school diploma, GED or college transcript

    b). A photocopy of the official certificate of completion from the NCOPE approved pre-certification course

    c). Two letters of recommendation from pedorthic referral sources

    3). Register for the examination

    4). Submit the application to:
         P.O. Box 34862
         Alexandria, VA 22334-0862

    Please refer to the ABC Certified Pedorthist Book of Rules & Candidate Guide for additional information.
Fees & Dates
  • Fees:

    Application: $150

    Examination Fee: $250

    Examination Retake Fee: $250

    Annual Fee: $195

    Dates and Deadlines

    Exam Date*                     Application Deadline

    February 14-19, 2011         December 1, 2010

    May 9-14, 2011                 March 1, 2011

    August 8-13, 2011             June 1, 2011

    November 14-19, 2011       September 1, 2011

    *The exam is generally offered in the spring, summer, fall and winter at 250 locations nationwide. For a list of testing locations in your area, please click here: Available Testing Locations.
  • Individuals who successfully complete the education, experience and examination requirements prescribed by ABC for pedorthic certification are conferred the credential of Certified Pedorthist (C.Ped.).