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Picking the Right Shoes for Swollen Feet (Edema)

Swollen feet or edema can be extremely uncomfortable, especially for people who don’t have the right shoes. Luckily, therapeutic shoes specifically for individuals with swollen feet are available on the market right now. For those who are dealing with this issue as a result of diabetes, these specialty shoes are often covered by Medicare. Here is some information every person dealing with edema should know about caring for their feet.

What causes edema/swollen feet?

If you have swollen feet, chances are the issue stems from a buildup of fluid. Excess fluid will leak into tissues in and around the feet, causing swelling.

There are many reasons this can happen. For example, pregnant women often deal with edema because they retain more fluid before giving birth. Medications can also set off edema, particularly those which impact blood vessels. It’s important for people to talk to their doctor about the reason they are dealing with swollen feet, as this can be a symptom of heart, kidney, or liver issues as well.

People with diabetes are prone to edema for several reason. Firstly, diabetes medications like Actos and Avandia can impact the heart and bloodstream, which may cause blood vessels to leak fluid. Circulation and co-morbid heart issues are also a factor in not only causing swollen feet but also making it difficult to treat the issue. This is what makes finding the right shoes so essential for people with edema, especially when combined with diabetes, heart disease, or circulation issues.

Why you should wear diabetic shoes for swollen feet (even if you don’t have diabetes)

Therapeutic shoes designed for people with diabetes are a good fit for people with edema, even if they personally do not have diabetes themselves. The diabetic shoe market is very established, primarily because most insurance plans (including Medicare) cover the annual purchase of a pair as well as 3 sets of inserts.

If you do have diabetes, this can mean your shoes will be low or no cost! If you do not, you can still benefit from the enormous strides in diabetic shoe technology to manage your edema.

When picking shoes for swollen feet, you should seek a pair that has the following qualities:

  • Extra width to accomodate the swollen foot;
  • Stretchable and durable material;
  • Increased stability – inserts can be used to help with this as well;
  • Fitted by a professional (you can get a shoe fitter house visit through nocostshoes.com); and
  • A reliable, accredited brand recognized by podiatrists and Medicare.

Our Bestselling Women’s Shoes for Swollen Feet

Annie X from Dr. Comfort

Dr. Comfort is one of the most trusted therapeutic shoe brands on the market today. Among its wide selection you’ll find this Annie X shoe, which includes comfortable extra depth, gel inserts and a convenient velcro fastener. Designed with comfort in mind, it’s a great choice for people dealing with edema and other foot issues.

Velcro shoes from New Balance (available in beige, white and black)

Another shoe that comes with velcro convenience, these shoes are truly made for walking – even if you’re managing a foot issue. The high quality soles and custom fit make it easier to move around if you’re dealing with edema, making New Balance shoes a popular choice. Don’t like the velcro? Laces are also available for those who prefer!

Slip On Dress Shoes from Orthofeet

Need some edema-friendly shoes that fit more formal workplaces and occasions? Slip ons are a great choice in this case. Our shoe fitters will make sure this pair from Orthofeet are sized just right, so you can get them on painlessly and still enjoy a secure fit. The therapeutic inside of the shoe is smooth and comfortable, preventing blisters and keeping your feet safe as they heal.

Where can I purchase therapeutic shoes for swollen feet and how much do they cost?

Many people are eager to support their swollen feet, but aren’t sure where to start. For the best rates on therapeutic shoes, recommend purchasing shoes from a Medicare-approved supplier like No Cost Shoes.

Medicare-approved suppliers tend to have a higher inventory of shoes so they can offer better prices and selection. For example, right now all our shoes are on sale for $99. This is significantly lower than the cost at a storefront or even an individual brand’s website.

Medicare-approved suppliers like No Cost Shoes can also send a qualified shoe fitter to your home and help with any insurance claims as needed.

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